Ghosts of the Future

Prediction: currency will become obsolete and your personal online presence/data will be a new means of bartering, as cultural resources, influence, & sharing become the basis of new ‘ownership’ under the digital regime.

Education will be useless, as cultural identity and ‘influence’ become sought after.

Should you prove yourself to be a worthy distraction (inspiration? the line is blurry at best) you’ll be in business, as you’ll distract from the real newsworthy items that so many have been conditioned to dismiss as unimportant and ultimately, depressing (‘so what? what can we do about it?’ etc).

At the risk of sounding insane, I’ve finally decided I’ve had enough.

I’ve seen the writing on the wall.

In an age of possibility and utter beauty, I’ve never been so afraid for all of us. It’s a weird time.

But what can I earnestly do about it? Write online, each keystroke meticulously tracked and attributed back to my digital footprint, opening potential floodgates for watchlisting and endless scrutiny of my online browser history/interactions digitally with friends etc?

I’m not paranoid, I’m expressing an ultimate truth that is part of all of our lives in the wake of an increasingly paranoid big brother, watching over us & suddenly keenly aware of his own vulnerability in all of this.

We’re built on sand, my friends, silicon to be exact…and I feel hopeless. I feel that for all of the expression and progress we should be making, something is holding all of us back out of fear. The world should be so much further along than it is right now…I feel that with all of my heart. And before you rant and rave about all of the progress made and all of the wonderful things I should be thankful for, consider that this is nothing in comparison to where we could, and should, be as a species. It’s amazing, really. History will look back on this time as equally dark and light…I have many examples, but sadly I’ve grown too weary to list them all because quite frankly, I’m over it. I’m over all of it.

There’s not much left for me to root for anymore…there’s so much beauty in the world but it seems as though it’s all evaporating as we willingly surrender ourselves and identities over to some cloud in the sky that’s mapping and controlling our every move, one way or the other.

The fucking Matrix has never been more rigged for us all to fail…call me jaded, bitter, stupid, call me whatever you will…but I’ve lost the fight. I’ve given up. I don’t have hope anymore, not for any of this. Everything will be taken away, monopolized upon, digitalized, and then studied in order to decipher the easiest tactic towards manipulation and ultimately control. I’m vague on this one, but if you get what I’m saying and you’ve been there before it will make sense. If this doesn’t make sense to you, well then perhaps soon it will. By then though it’s not going to matter, not even a little bit.

More than anything I want hope. Hope that the future isn’t as bleak as I’m seeing it currently…and despite all of my optimism and all of my best efforts, I truly do not foresee that happening. In my ideal, perfect world, we would all have joy and creativity at our disposal, with the full ability to express our utmost potential and ultimately, goodness. That’s being taken from us, right now. We’re on the threshold of a strange time…maybe it’ll all be fine…I attempt weak rationalizations and grasp for straws in comparing older and darker times in history with moments of true light and beauty–but the difference is the flimsy infrastructure centered on our daily lives now versus even fifty years ago. We don’t have legs to stand on any longer, we are far too dependent on the very machines set to destroy and yet, create.



4 responses to “Ghosts of the Future

  1. I understand your perspective; if you only focus on humanity as the sole rudder by which this world steers, then the future is bleak indeed! But I believe that God writes his history of this world on a completely different page; knowing Jesus personally opens up a whole new perspective – and it is not one for the weak – it takes courage, it takes stepping out of that comfort zone we “think” we control. It’s totally worth it, because no matter how dark the world becomes, the light of the truth of the Gospel stands out all the more…

    • Thank you for your wonderful & beautiful comment! I really needed that right now, thank you…you’re absolutely right, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to comment with such light & truth during these dark times! ❤️

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