I once heard that, of all of the air on this planet, there has never been air added to nor removed from Earth since the beginning. What’s more, each breath that you inhale on a daily basis has once been inhaled by another. All air is linked through Argon, and in fact you could be partaking of the same breath that Christ, or Da Vinci even, once did. We are all connected on that level. If you take into consideration that we all possess a  consciousness that manifest itself in our spirits (air) and ultimately can be released through an exhale, this has a large effect on the next person who takes that very same breath you did.

Have you ever paused to think that perhaps you’re breathing the very breath that was John Lennon’s last? Or perhaps Lincoln’s first?

Nobody thinks about these things, perhaps because it would drive them mad, but in my case I can’t help but feel I have this solid need to be doing something with all of this other than merely let life happen to me. That I have a responsibility for my life that shouldn’t be overlooked, and that it’s not even just about me: it’s about everything. Plants, animals, people, planets, stars…I’m not limiting myself. And I refuse to simply fall into a pattern where I’m becoming a robot who never questions or inspires. If we all experienced the beauty and love of our lives in its proper value each day, life might answer more of our questions, or at the very least we would definitely give less power to our issues.

I’m quite thrilled with life, to be honest.

For me, acting celebrates the thrill of being human and showing the world that thrill, that pure soul that exists in me (and all of us!). That surge you get deep in the bottom of your stomach where you’re simply living an imagined life amongst yourselves, all your own but not quite, with no expectations or ulterior motives with absolute electricity in every moment. The last time I felt that kinda thrill acting, I was in high school. Now, it seems harder and harder. I was discovering it, albeit slowly. But my biggest problem is finding other people with such a thrill for being alive, a thrill for discovery, and to boot I was rather introverted these days. That’s what playing was all about as a kid, remember?

I wanted to take all of these things about thoughts and feelings and spirituality and tell them to hush, tell them I already knew that they were there and mentally I didn’t need to figure it out, because I had all the love and life I would need in front of me, with honest and earnest people that delighted and hungered for just as much of this experience as I did… And for no other reason than the experience itself, which is born out of love, even if that love has been twisted and shut out.

That feeling, that just for a moment, you are suspended, and that you become a part of the whole world. That you can simply observe, almost in a meditation, the thrill that connects all life, and that by bringing life to the imaginary you are showing the world the most love you can because you’re trusting in the world. You’re trusting in something that doesn’t need to be explained.

I have the hardest time perceiving and understanding my life. I refuse to believe it’s set in a solid basis of ‘proven scientific theories’, or that there are a certain set of rules and principles about the way my spirit and body function. Often times I feel very alone, because it isn’t very often that I find too many people willing to explore this with me. I feel as though most everyone is comfortable and happy with what they’ve been told about their lives, and that’s the way of the world. And to be honest, I don’t know how I would feel otherwise…but I just can’t help this persistent nagging that I need to escape this mode of thinking. I want to feel free and I want to explore, more than anything else, the relationship of my spirit with my body as well as the universe.

But I refuse to do this is a slighted way, eating up the philosophies of unqualified and un-experienced self-proclaimed ‘experts’ and ‘guides’. So the question becomes, how do you begin? The answer, I think, is that you just know. All you got to do is listen.

I’m beginning the most important journey of my life: the journey into myself. But the most ironic thing of it all, is that the journey into the self is the journey of losing the self. It’s the way towards humility, love, and selflessness. To discover yourself, you must lose yourself and your selfish ideas (which most of the time, you don’t even realize are selfish).  Why? Because these ideas, simply put, aren’t ‘real’. Thoughts of ‘jobs’, ‘educations’, ‘the economy’, ‘the market’, ‘money’, ‘power’, ‘status’, ‘self’, ARE NOT real. The only thing real about any idea is the power that humanity gives the idea. This is not to say I’m opposed to money and that we should all barter on love,  for instance…I’m just trying to say that the first step in understanding the true dimensions of us, spiritually and emotionally, lie in understanding the power we possess in giving credibility to our environments and thoughts.

So I ask myself…

Who are we? What is the Earth? Why must we have an atmosphere, an ocean, a body?

“the heavens (36) were produced (37) from Fire; the earth from the Water; and the Air from the Spirit as a reconciler between the Fire and the Water.”

You can’t possibly have an Earth consisting of merely fire and water, as the water would extinguish the fire. Nothing would be able to exist. Thus air is essential, and is of the spirit. You don’t actually FEEL your spirit, do you? When you’re walking around, you may feel a heavy heart, or a light heart, but you don’t ever feel the weight of your soul. Perhaps even if we do, we don’t know it. And there is a lesson to be learned there: our existence itself is never burdening, the functions we create around it are. In a sense, we become our own worst enemies or best friends. We create this world around us, and we are responsible (mostly) for what we do with our lives regardless of circumstances. And thus, should we not take lessons from our spirit, which never burdens us with it’s presence? Shouldn’t we decide to live our lives in much the same fashion, existing without imposing extra weight upon anything else? In order to do so, we must understand ourselves and true emotions…we must learn how to listen to our souls and hearts instead of our brains, because maybe we have it all backwards. So, spiritually, how are we deriving emotions, which in my opinion are the only truthful things in the whole universe?

I believe it’s the element of fire, which comes from above.  When you’re angry, you feel firey and larger-than-life. When you’re upset, you feel dampened or lackluster. When you’re happy, you’re burning bright with joy. Your brain’s neurons are ‘firing’ in order to produce emotion…catch my drift?

Anything we’ve ever conceived to describe emotion has a close connection with fire.

So where, then, does this fire actually exist in our chemical makeup of elements?

It was said of the energy inside each of us that it can be compared to salt. Salt is made of water and earth, FIRE is IMPLIED inside of it (can’t chemically have salt in it’s true form without some degree of heat otherwise it’s just dirt/water) yet never shown. This reflects the human consciousness, we are the salt of the earth. We may appear two dimensional, but the third dimension is implied. You just have to activate it. However, when too much fire builds, elementally, inside of us, it leads to an undesirable reaction (mentally and emotionally). Thus it is important to understand and listen to our spirits, to understand how our basic chemical makeup affects our lives, and how important staying pure of heart really is to our very existence and experience in this place. For staying pure of heart and intention enables energy to flow more freely and without residue, not just for us personally, but for all things as well. Why? We have an effect on them, whether we like it or not.

And at the end of the day, it’s really not all about us.

If you walked this Earth every day feeling and knowing that no matter what, you were absolutely fully loved and supported by something so vast you could never comprehend it, you would begin extending that love to all things. And because you would do so, you would understand how trivial it is to prove yourself in a world that has seen it all. In a world unconcerned with the best or the worst. In a world that exists with a much deeper meaning than I have yet to figure out, and perhaps so do you.

But just because I can’t touch or see this meaning, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. And it doesn’t mean it’s not waiting silently and lovingly for you and I to discover ourselves and this place once and for all…to pierce the veil of mystery within each of us and begin to understand what life, love, and sacrifice are truly all about.

We are the salt of the Earth.

13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

-Matthew 5:13



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